Pirates of the Caribbean German candle pyramid plans


After several hours of un-janky-fying this mess, here they are… my Pirate of the Caribbeans German candle pyramid plans. (Hope I did 'em right.)


-The numbers on the parts are the order in which the go, from bottom to top.
-I used 3/16” plywood for all of the parts except the fan blades (which I used 1/8” mahogany) (as long as it’s a light weight wood, it shouldn’t matter that much). For the top of the compass I used the free sample of Walnut that came with the Glowforge (‘cause I’m a cheap so-and-so).

-For the rubber feet, I used ½” screw-on types. You can use stick-on, of course, but the screws help keep the base together. Here’s some samples https://rubberfeet.us/store/

-The round bits between the railings are a ½” dowel cut to 1.75” in height. The tops are unfinished wood knobs I got at my local hobby store.
-I cobbled together the center rod/dowel, bearing cup and fan hub out of a bunch of stuff lying around. (For example, the fan hub was a Tinker Toy.) If you want the real deal, you can find those parts here (On pages 7, 12 & 16). https://www.christkindl-markt.com/parts/?sort=alphaasc&page=7

Note: none of the rods there are tall enough for the PotC version as I designed it (18”). A possible solution would be to get a metal tube that the rod would slide into, then telescope them to the right height.

-Everything is pretty much sized right (the railings and holes are a bit of a tight fit, if I recall correctly). Please test everything first. The spin-y floor bit holes should be tested with your rod/dowel. (I fiddled with mine until they stayed on without any supports/gluing). The character feet tabs are definitely to small (I wrapped drafting tape around them to make a gasket).

-I used regular old Elmer’s Glue to stick it together.

-When you’re done, enjoy! (but please don’t burn your house down, always monitor the thing when it’s lit and spinning! I’ve had no problems yet but I’m no engineer (I’m the opposite: a professional cartoonist). Fairly warned, ye be, says I!!

PotC05 PotC06 PotC07 PotC08 PotC09 PotC01 PotC02 PotC03 PotC04


What a generous share! That’s really a beautiful candle spinner. :sunglasses::+1:




So generous of you to share! Thank you!


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Even if I never make one, I always learn so much from seeing how it’s done. Thanks for the peek behind the curtain!


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Thank you so much for your generosity! So much work in there.


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