Piss Poor Passthrough

For someone who’s only had their machine for a month, I’d say you got pretty good results on your first Passthrough project. Those small misalignments can be sanded flat (and the edges colored with a Sharpie marker), and you’ll never see them.

They haven’t released the Passthrough alignment software yet, so we are having to do a little extra prep work at the moment. Having had the chance to test the Snapmarks I can reassure you, once they do, those little misalignments will go away. :slightly_smiling_face:

You said you watched videos about it…did you also read the written tutorials that explain the steps you need to take? Sometimes those cover a point or two that get glossed over in videos…mainly the parts about having to lock down the tray and make sure that the material is pressed tightly against the edge of the tray at all times. Looks like yours might have gotten just slightly out of square when you were feeding it in. (Trimming any overlapping masking along the edge is a good idea before feeding it in. It’s enough to cause skew.)

Anyway…try reading one of the tutorials and try again. It’s not necessary to build a feeder table. :smile:

Using the Passthrough with Adobe Illustrator

Using the Passthrough with Inkscape