Pivoting toolbox

I built this toolbox with pivoting top drawers as a test and I wanted to share it with the community. I’ve attached the SVG file that I used to make it.

I used two different types of “pivots”. The first is cutting chopsticks and then gluing ends on them once they are inserted. But this is irreversible, a pain in the butt, and also the glue sometimes dries such that the box does not pivot.

So I next used “Chicago Screws”. I used Cyanacrylate adhesive.

Link to Chicago screws

Link to adhesive

Toolbox SVG file
ToolBox-LaserOpimized.zip (29.3 KB)


Welcome back and thank you! Great design.


That is a great Design!!


Very nice! :grinning:

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Cool! Also … very nice of you to share your work. Thank you!

Thanks for the share!

Very cool! I just love practical designs. Super nice of you to share the file and parts with the community. Thanks!!

Nice job. I did the same design a couple of years ago for my wife’s embroidery supplies. I made a top for it and embedded magnets in the underside so she could just drop her needle on it and always know where it was.

If you do a search here (it was a “Dispatch from the front” I did with the PRU) you could grab the top design if you’re looking for one for your toolbox.


I have been playing with something similar for a while thank you for adding it.
The wood is especially nice! Is there an inner lining as well.

The wood is a Zebrawood. It appears to have a ply of birch on he inside.

That is a very unusual combination, :open_mouth: I have found zebrawood to be extremely flammable that a coal could live and spread on its own if it gets started. I have not seen a zebrawood plywood.

There is a company called MacBeath hardwoods in Berkeley CA that has a huge selection of plywood, they stock the Zebrawood in two or three thicknesses. But it comes in 4’x8’ sheets that I have to cut down to Glowforge size.


Very cool! I would think that 19"x 48" would be a lot easier to ship even 5 at a time. Is that Possible? Or could several of us conspire to divide up such a collection.

Looks great both in design and material choice.

I like this a lot! Great design!

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Thanks for the project and link to the Chicago screws. I wanted these and had no idea what they are called.

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Very nice.

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