Pixal wall art, part two (chroni trigger inspired)



I have a friend who’s birthday just passed, and is a fan of the game Chrono Trigger so…

I think he likes it.



I played it so much as a kid that is probably why my grades suffered.

Very nice work.


For fear of being a slight tacky and/or shameless, I am open to making these custom pixel art sheets on request.


Do Frog or Robo next!


I’m halfway done with Magus. Then will get to frog. They will all get done ^_^.


Oh I aim to make my own eventually but I love your work.


So awesome. Between Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana have hundreds of hours playing them again and again. Should do the time machine itself too ;D


Love it! Pixel art is just the best :smiley:


Lufia 2 and secret of mana will be on the plan too