Plain cutting board

Is there a way to create a cutting board? I own plenty but want to design my own cutting board from scratch and can’t seem to find anything but videos for engraving with a laser or you need a saw. I just want to know if I can create just the board itself with the forge


Hmmmm,… it might not be practical… wooden cutting boards tend to be thicker than 1/2 inch to keep them from warping when you cut up juicy items on it. (Thin wood will warp.)

Theoretically, you could create an end cut block from hardwoods that are glued, clamped and sanded flat, but it seems like a phenomenal amount of work and expense. (I saw a beautiful one early in the GF days, but it took the builder months to make it, and he had what looked like about 10K worth of clamps on hand.) It will be much cheaper to just buy a block if you don’t have the saw to do it.

Or you can design a thinner prototype on the GF and take it to someone who has the equipment to build your board. That might work.


If you want to lasercut one, this machine isnt the right tool for it as its take multiple passes to to cut. (I tried and didnt like the look) I suggest trying on small pieces of the wood to see if it’s worth the time and if you like the look before investing in large pieces.


You could theoretically glue up lots of layers of wood, use registration pins, and then sand the whole thing. The biggest hurdle is going to be finding wide enough 1/8"-1/4" thick hardwoods.


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