Planetary Gears Experiment: Bunny Edition

Today’s step toward world domination was mastering planetary gears. This attempt was clumsy and needs some tweaking, but all in all I’d call it a success.

The project is PG medium draftboard. The first incarnation of this project had lacy, delicate gears that looked interesting, but promptly cracked at the first sign of resistance. This time, I kept the gearwork more solid.

Next time, I need to adjust the contact angle of the gear teeth, and wax them so they don’t jam up every 5 seconds.

And add more bunnies.

Eventually, this will be incorporated into a sequential puzzle box I’m designing.


How fun and very interesting. I can’t wait to see the next iteration!

Yes, please. More bunnies.


I love gears!!! How are you generating yours?


Always a good plan! :rabbit: :rabbit2:


The shapes are based on a design from, and the number of teeth are based on a previous list calculated on

I should check those out. I bought Gearotic. OK guys don’t get excited.

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More bunnies and kittens too!

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You only need 2 and they will add the rest. Though a friend was given 15 baby female rabbits and discovered too late that there were only 14.


Hahah! A friend of mine once came to me at work and asked if I wanted to adopt some pet rats. Her kids decided the boy rats and the girl rats looked lonely in their separate cages, and they wanted to play together.

Boy, did they ever.

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The telling of the story by those involved makes it more entertaining, but… the trainers at a barn needed to get rid of an unexpected flock of bunnies, and tried to give them away at a horse show. Kids were interested but none taken due to parents. So they decided to “award” the winner of several of the junior classes with one. The winners were thrilled, the parents - not so much!


once again, no love for the T-rex.

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Cool! I do love bunnies.