Planetary Gears Help

Working on my own Planetary Gears but having trouble designing the carrier that holds the planet gears in place. My attempts to use the measuring tool in Inkscape have been dubious at best. I tried to measure where the hole/axle centers are and design from there but end up way off spacing or something close that needs several attempts to get the spacing to a workable result but not exact
Any suggestions/links/ideas?

It’s a bit sketchy from your description. If you upload your art it might be clearer.

The bottom line, though, is that you probably need to enable the center of objects as valid snap points. There are a series of buttons in your snap sidebar that let you decide what you can snap to, nodes, paths, center points, etc. Turn on center point snapping and you should be able to measure from there easily.

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This might help with the layout:


I use this site:


Yeah. Can’t “describe” must show actual images for something like this…

A very interesting image of two polyhedra with the same settings but one has the gear path effect. They are both still official polyhedra not object to path.

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Any object in Inkscape can be centered on any other. And with Inkscape anyway by making all the gears at once they will all mesh together

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