Planning a Maker Fair Trip for 2019


I have never attended a Maker Fair and want to plan a trip for 2019.
I live 50 miles south of Washington DC and have not found any in my area, so I want to plan a trip to Seattle, San Francisco, or where?
What Maker Fair would be the best to attend?


If you’re going to make a trip out of it, i think you should go to one of the two big ones: New York or Bay Area.


I’d go up to NY in September. It’s shorter for you to travel and lots of options for lodging and transport.


I’ve been to the Bay Area one twice, but not the New York one. I’d plan it based on how much I wanted to spend, how I wanted to travel and my personal schedule.

There is a mini-Maker Faire in DC on Tuesday, June 12th. As it is the first year and the faire is only 3 hours, I have the feeling it won’t be quite the same experience. On the other hand, it is in the evening, you are in driving distance and what else do you have to do on a Tuesday night?


That is my thinking…make a trip. New York would be the easiest to travel…take the traing from Washington.


Thanks I think I will plan for NY.


I got to go to the NY Maker Faire on the Glowforge Grant last year and I had a blast. My friends helped with my table and we stayed at the Hotel De Point because they gave discounts for Maker Faire attendees. It was not in walking distance as some hotels are but it worked out fine for us. I did a couple of runs around the place, but I didn’t have time to see it all. It was well worth the trip!


NY would be the obvious easy one. you just missed the northern virginia one a couple of months ago at george mason university. a much smaller scale, but it would be an easy trip for you next spring if you’re interested.


Be prepared to be overwhelmed :blush: It’s like Vegas for Geeks. So many things - it’s like every shiny squirrel in the world gathered in one place and everyone of them distracting you from the others.


MakerFaire NY is fantastic. You can Amtrak to Penn Station NY and take the subway to Flushing.


Thanks to all for helping me decide. I will try to make the Washington DC event and I am planning on a NY trip…to be “OVERWHELMED” :slight_smile: