Planning shop location for the Glowforge


Workshop!, What workshop?, I’m going to surround my bed with my favorite toys, Makerbot, Glowforge Laser, 3 Computers and a large format D size plotter. So I can get up in the middle of the night and make new ideas happen fast.

Yes, I am taking my medication…



I REALLY need to do this for both of my workspaces. Very nice.



Feeling the need to share my newly transformed space, especially for the Glowforge. My space looks pretty ‘girly’…but for good reason, ‘cause I am a girl. :blush: My house is only about 1200 sq.ft…and this little room is only about 7.5’ x maybe 8’…very tiny. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! These are panoramic shots, as it’s very difficult to take photos of a room this small.

This is what the room looked like before my massive cleanup/cleanout work began.

About midway through the project

This after having my workspace and Glowforge table built. The Glowforge will go on the right side of the table and vent out of one of the small windows above, where I will be installing a vent. I still have to address some electrical limitations in the room and will be contacting an electrician down the line. Two small shelving units, a folding table, a small stool, and my infrared heater can all be stowed underneath the worktable…all out of the way, but accessible. This room still houses my food pantry as well, so organization and tidiness were paramount. I’m excited!



I’m dreaming of the day I can have a workspace like these! I’m clearing off the coffee table in my campus apartment and running my GF out of my living room. Until we move in a couple years. Then I can see where to go from there lol.



@Xabbess that’s amazing! I’m jealous; it looks cozy and wonderful.

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I love the walls!

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From another thread:

Love this idea!

Over thanksgiving I was at my parents’ house, and I noticed my mom’s antique treadle sewing machine cabinet, which got me thinking about about fancy furniture-enclosure-type glowforge stands. Opening the lid could provide access to the Glowforge Pro with the pass-through at table-height for material stability, and then a foot-lever could raise the entire unit out of the cabinet and off of the filter to allow for easy filter-element replacement…
In keeping with the K.I.S.S. principle, I will probably still just make a simple, solid, heavy-as-**** workbench from 2x4 and 4x4 lumber, but I love the idea of mechanical-advantage for lifting the beast when filters need changing.

Maybe someone will be inspired to make such a thing, or modify this instructable about tv-lift cabinets to create a hide-away glowforge cabinet.

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That is a really cool idea. I love the merger of old and new to make such a thing. In my case I’ll need to move the Glowforge when I want to sew for a while though. :wink:



My Glowforge will go in my new office/studio above the garage. Construction began shortly before I learned about the GF to move my vinyl printer/cutter, heat presses, computer equipment, and inventory out of our dining room. The original plan included extra space for future equipment possibly including a laser engraver in 6 to 8 years. The GF will go along the back wall to vent out the window or possibly directly through the wall. I start moving in next week.



Thats an awesome space. Post some after pics!

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Nice big space… I especially like the coat-rack made of skis

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I’m mostly moved into my new office/studio. I’m saving space along the opposite wall for the Glowforge so it can vent out to the back yard.



Me Jelly



Seriously awesome. I would live there. I mean I plan on sleeping with my Glowforge but I think my other tools might get jealous.

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I found a nice chunk of 1.5"-thick butcher block several years ago, which was being thrown away. I had plans for it at the time, but somehow it ended up in the shed, sandwiched between some boxes and a wire shelf. When I moved last year it was one of many things that landed in the give away/throw away/burn pile. It was covered in overspray and dried glue. At the last minute I decided that it should come with me instead.
Well, today I found it again, measured it, and found that it was just about two inches wider and deeper than the glowforge. I hit it with a chisel to get rid of the glue, and an orbital sander to get rid of the paint. Still needs a little finishing, but I think I just may have my new Glowforge tabletop!



I was browsing through a mall about an hour from where i live and come to find out that one of the shops there was closing and selling all the shelves and tables. I’ve got plans to pick up some of the stuff once I’ve secured a truck from a friend. They were selling thier stuff for cheap, so it was hard to resist.3ft by 6ft table there.

For some reason the photo seems to get stretched



Ooh, I could use a few cheap shelves and tables, I’ll bring my truck right now!
oh, wait, you are in MN. The fuel costs for me to bring my truck over there are… prohibitive.



What Mall? I’m on my way with my truck in the morning!

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@jbv that is a beautiful tabletop!

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Yeah, I hope to have one or two of those tables by the end of next week.