Plant/Planter signs

Someone on the FB group wanted some of those little signs you put in plant pots/planters so I knocked this guy up real quick. Enjoy :slight_smile:

(File added)


Hi @chrisg! Very generous of you to share. FYI, though, the rules for this section state that all new posts should contain a file. You could move it to Everything Else if for some reason you don’t want to post the actual file here. :slight_smile:

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File attached now :slight_smile:


Appreciate the share, also the link. Might have to do the “Groot” one for my Bro. since he has this big woven stem tree thing he moves in and out with the changing seasons.


Thanks for sharing.

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I made a bunch of similar ones for a friend - I’ll point out, in case folks don’t know, that if you make them out of acrylic you can write on them with sharpie and it’s waterproof for outdoor use, then you can erase it with alcohol when you want them for a different plant :slight_smile:

You can also bend the head back with judicious use of heat…I didn’t do that, but I knew it was a possibility!