Plant Stands

Designed in OpenSCAD, fully paramaterized. Converted to STL, resized in Inkscape, and then forged.

Prototyped the joint separately, then made two full size cardboard prototypes, and then a production model. The wood version is strong enough for me to stand on.


Looks really great with that planter shape too! :grinning:


Great design! These or a modified version would be good for holding hot casserole dishes in a buffet line. You need to have a fancy dinner party now!


Very nice!


(I know this is a super old thread-- but thought I’d try…) I’m curious about the strength of the cardboard prototypes-- thinking about all of the cardboard furniture out there, I’d guess these might be decently strong on their own, as long they don’t get wet? @pdbogen any thoughts?

They’re pretty strong. They can hold plants without much trouble. Long term, I’d worry about wear and tear. And, yeah, water damage.

I really love these!!! You have inspired me to try my hand at making my own design!

awesome! post pics as you get it worked out.