Plants vs. Zombies Stratego board game

So, shortly before giving my son all of his Legends, he told me, he said “Daddy…I’d REALLY like a Plants vs. Zombies game IN REAL LIFE! Maybe you could use your laser machine to make us a cool board game?” Now how could I say no to that!? So here’s the big project!

I attempted to combine the strategy and mystery of the old board game Stratego, with at least reasonably close-to-actual PvZ mechanics. Was going to make it for him for Christmas, but once I got started on it, I was too excited to play it myself, so it won’t be kept secret for that long. More photos below. I’m sure I missed some little bits of masking on the lid, this piece of draftboard was a pain to peel)

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


Honestly, you should remove this post and contact the PvZ people immediately, this is a good idea, I could see it turning into official merch.


Wow, this is awesome! I love board games made on the :glowforge: and this is one of the best ones I have seen!

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I did think about that and when I was looking for inspiration, I saw that they were already making various board games, including one almost just like this that’s a roll up mat with nice plastic pieces, plus a few other style board games. Also I can’t delete it now anyway, but I did at least remove the instructions, just in case. Thank you.


Your scorekeeper (?) is great. The thing with the gears.


That’s pretty cool! When do you have time to, you know, earn money? :rofl:

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This is AMAZING. I love the original PvZ!


This is great. You definitely have a ‘style’ and it’s a great one!

Your son is the luckiest kid in America. This is beautiful.


Simply amazing! Love this.


You are really, really good at this!

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Fantastic idea! I loved Stratigo as a kid.



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This is awesome!

You really hit the nail on the head with this one! This looks amazing!


Terrific! Didn’t think anyone was playing Stratego anymore. Nice update!


This got me curious so I ended up at wiki, and it was a lot more involved than I thought.

Then I got curious about total sales, which seems like it’d be hard to do with all the variants… this site was the only one I found in a quick search, they say 20 million copies sold.

So is that a lot? I guess yes, though when you compare it to the heavy hitters on that list it’s nowhere near their numbers.



20 million copies over the life of the game. Not shabby. I wonder how Sorry and Yahtzee stack up or Operation. Hard to believe The McDonaldland game is not top 5.

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Off topic, but hey why not.

Sorry (and Aggravation) is essentially parcheesi, so overall I’d say “a lot”.

According to hasbro (as per wiki) 50 million yahtzee sets per year.

That’s … high. Like questionably high? It must be globally really popular, but at that rate, that’s one yahtzee set for every three people born per year (roughly 140 million births per year). Crazy.


That is amazing!