Plastic Name Tags

Starting a new topic for these after mining a few other threads for hints which did help, but were buried.

My wife was asking about plastic magnetic name tags, and I needed a new project so I found these "ExcelMark Blank Name Tags" and thought I would give them a try. Note than they are two layers of plastic and you can find a variety of top and bottom colors. And if you can’t find enough on Amazon… Johnson plastics has so many more color combos (in name tag or raw sheets). The magnets on these hold quite well.

The tags laser nicely, though I did not expect the “stippling” texture in the removed areas. If you look very closely at the image, you can see a pattern in the black - like little laser craters - but those have the added benefit of catching the light and sparkling a bit.

Here are the results:

Settings used - Engrave only 1000/35 340dpi material depth 0.14"

I played with the settings for a bit to see about reducing the stippling - but at $1 per blank, I would take a hint or two before going beyond just tweaking the speed/power as I did.

Unlike some burns - I really don’t see any soot residue on my tags, (but did see some on my jig). It was mentioned in one of the threads below that any soot could be cleaned off with alcohol. I do wonder if I was doing this on a large piece if there would be re-deposition on the part of the engrave that was already done.

I did use some scrap wood to create a jig to avoid registration issues. Cut the 1x3" outline (with an additional half circle on one side to allow my finger in for extraction).

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Nice! you could try de-focusing a bit to decrease the stipling effect

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What I like best is how these nametags identify the ladies uniquely!

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Second what @robermar36 said, defocusing might help.

I should order a few and try this out, I like them.


Hmm I wish it actually said what they were made of. Did you get an MSDS?

Sorry - no MSDS I could find.
You might have better luck if you try communicating with Johnson Plastics. I have not tried as I wanted the tags quick. They have a huge inventory and specialize so they likely have the info.

Well the risk is PVC, right? I can handle toxicity, but machine-eating acid is a bad time.

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I’ve ordered a few, gonna flame test one.

These are great. Not sure the material was ok for your Glowforge… but they look great!

Sorry for the annoying watermark but according to the Tesla Owners Club guidelines, the Board informed me that the use of the image is to be used to raise money for the local groups (i.e. pay for promotion of the brand, help with activities, etc.) I donate something to the group with every name tag or other branded local logo and the rest goes into our Makerspace 501c3 fund. I basically get the laser time and supplies reimbursed.

Any way, why use blanks when you can make your own? I bought the 2 color acrylic from Inventables and it works very well. I use 1/8" material. I bought the magnetic backing on Amazon and it has worked out GREAT!

Here is a link to the magnetic backs that I use:

magnetic pin backs


Nice @Livein3D - I knew about the availability of sheets having seen them at Johnson Plastics (and I should have thought about Instructibles) but your post added an element I as not thinking of - that is creating a non-rectangular tag. Am now thinking of a sewing machine outline… even though my wife says the rectangular name tags are what her guild was looking for.

The only question now for her guild is if they want to leverage my (basically free) services or if they want to pay a service to get a multicolored printed tag.


So, I ordered some of these tags…got them in the gold, because that’s what I would use the most. Sacrificed one to flame test. Nice yellow/orange flame, so should be laser safe.

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I’ve got a couple of people asking me about name tags similar to what I made…they are on my list to make…maybe this weekend. Glad it gave you some ideas.

Make the shaped one first and see what she says…bet the sewing machine shaped will be the fave!