Plastic wrap holder

My favorite local sushi place uses plastic wrap (just like every other good sushi place). The big ugly blue and yellow warehouse kinda stuff.

To exedite the sushi making process, the boxes tended to be on the bar.


Until now.

Yes, the alignment issue is visible. :).

(A typical meal. Which is why it is my favorite place. Along with chopstick rests I made a bit ago.)


“Will laser for food”?


Great idea! I’ve got a plastic wrap box with a razor zip on top for cutting the wrap. I can’t get them at my Sams Club any more so I just keep putting new wrap in the old box, which is falling apart. I need to laser a new box and move the zip cutter to it.



Looks wonderful, and so does the sushi! You’re making your way to #1 customer (if you aren’t already). :slight_smile:

For real did they at least give you free sushi?

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I am so going to make a permanent Glad Wrap dispenser box that won’t fall apart. Don’t belong to a discount club any more but before I would always get the commercial rolls and it would last so long. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

I’m well taken care of. :).

If any GF owners find themselves in the San Jose, CA area with a craving for sushi, I’m happy to share.

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