Play kitchen for our girls - made (mostly) on a Glowforge!

Thanks, appreciated! For the pictures I was experimenting with an iPhone app called focos that makes use of the dual cameras on some of the phones to select the focus plane and “aperture” after the fact. In fact, the app calculates a 3D scene with a depth map. Quite interesting really. Obviously not quite the level of an actual tilt/shift lens, but where it would be fun to have one in my arsenal, I can’t quite justify the cost… I did take some pictures with my Canon EOS D60 and my f4 70-200, but for this particular purpose I liked the “tilt/shift”iness of the pics made with my phone a bit better. Crazy? Maybe…


Thanks for the suggestion!! Yeah, that would certainly have helped. Additionally I should have taken the time to figure out a purpose-built work holding jig to keep downward pressure near the bit but from a safe distance…

Thank You for explaining it. Very interesting effect. If you get a chance, try a Tilt-shift. They are fun but difficult to get good (not just miniature) results. I have a 90mm Canon that I bought used and would love to get one in a wide angle.


Wow that is awesome. Great attention to detail.

Thanks folks, much appreciated.
Kinda forgot this little detail which I had in the original design, but then only got around to it last minute, after I had already taken most of the pics above.
It was originally supposed to be a vinyl decal, but we only had access to an antique cricut, which did not quite give us the freedom we were looking for, so I ended up cutting this out of mdf and then spray painting it. I do like the raised look, but it was a major pain to get this mounted. Originally I was going to go for spray adhesive, but I wanted to protect the (painted) sides, so I tried keeping it in the stock I cut it out from, with the masking tape removed just from the letters. Unfortunately that led to the letters getting stuck in the negative, so plan B was to just superglue it. Unfortunately that led to the somewhat unsightly glue squeeze-out. :frowning:
I think I might try thin double-sided next time. My thinking: if I stick double-sided tape to the back before I cut the letters, then spray-paint with the protective film still covering the tape, then carefully put everything back in the negative, then remove the tape and then stick it on, that might be a cleaner solution… Any other suggestions?


if you were looking for a similar effect as vinyl (thin), try doing it out of PVA backed veneer. you could paint it first if you wanted a specific color. and it comes with the veneer adhesive (PVA) already applied.

Good point! I have to go restock on plywood in the next days anyway, gonna go see what the “woodworkers’ candy store” has on offer! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Ohmygosh, this thing belongs in a museum! The details are amazing.

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