Played with some ti


Friend of mine has a TI dive knife he wanted to dress up

The phrase side just did a light and fast. On the other side ran very slow very high lpi full power got and actually removed material got a deep engrave one it. He then went for some color change with the torch today. Really makes all the laser work pop

Two hours on the squid, one hour on the turtle, 45 min on the phrase


Wow, that’s crazy that it actually removed material! Cool beans :slight_smile:


We where shocked but yup it did indeed


Nice dive knife,
Nice engrave job
Nice reminder (I need one, i always come up with less than 20 BAR)


No flashback due to the reflectivity?


That’s without a doubt the prettiest abalone knife I have ever seen.


I think if it actually removed material, most of that energy is being deposited not reflected. Just a guess.


The removal of material is a big surprise–and a very cool one.


Gorgeous! :grinning:


The squid and turtle look awesome! Especially enhanced by the flamework.


nope, just a white ash


Aaaand the old titanium thread:


For us uninitiated on knives of this nature, what exactly is the knife made of?




And for those unfamiliar with the element abbreviations: Ti(tanium).


Dive knives generally come in Titanium or Stainless Steel because of their on/off immersion in Salt Water.

Despite the extra cost of the Titanium knives they pay for themselves quite quickly because the stainless steel will generally start rusting in weak spots right from the first dive.

Apart from the viability of etching a Titanium knife as @Clone showed, if he had managed to do that on a Stainless Steel knife it would have only created a set of perfect locations for rust to get right in