Playing card box

So I’ve been playing with MakerJS – it’s JavaScript for making DXF, SVG, STL, PDF, OpenJSCAD files. I didn’t need a box for playing cards, but picked the idea as the impetus for learning the nuances of the language.

Gotta say, I likey. I likey a lot. Even found a few very minor bugs during the process and got them fixed in the main release.

And the great thing is: It exports tight, clean SVG code that Glowforge can effortlessly handle… including dimensions.

Check out the attached. (628 Bytes)


Very nice! Are you planning to fork this for us non-programmers? I can see using it with chipboard to make small to medium storage boxes.


Well the design I did is pretty specific for 0.01-inch construction paper. Different materials like chipboard probably wouldn’t work with the design I included.

But the programming language lets you fashion anything you like. The playground for MakerJS is nice in that you can set up sliders… but you still ultimately have to have a decent design goal in mind.

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Oh well, I’m bookmarking as there are some nice example scripts but the amount I know about Javascript is:

  • It is a programing language
  • As such, it probably uses similar logic as other programming languages.

You already are but this is your chance to become a :glowforge: hero. If you could tweak your script to work with a window of thickness, say .01-.30", that could be a slider.


Ha! Yeah, I’ve been considering different material thicknesses and assembly techniques for Box 2.0. I considered adding it for this one, but I’m just getting back to the laser after finally winter-proofing my exhaust to cope with the cold snap (-40c overnights with windchill!).


Thank you for the share @dan_berry.
Nice little project and super useful considering the amount of cards in modern boardgames

I have been using this site to make chipboard boxes.


I’m ALWAYS forgetting about this, thanks for the reminder.


Nice :slight_smile:

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