Playing with acrylic, also tried some non PG for the heck of it.. Finger joint box + etching

I was tinkering and while I did not pipe the light in right I think this looks kinda cool… We use a hypercube for a company logo so I etched one into this cub I put together… As a bonus, for the nay sayers who almost scared me into thinking anything but Proof Grade cuts like trash… I included my first attempt at non-PF acrylic… a little green gear :slight_smile: I got a sheet of UV green from Amazon about the same thickness as PG medium acrylic [Calipers read about 2.8mm?]

I know this is old hat to some of you guys but I’m still on day one here.


It looks fabulous, especially for day one!


Cast acrylic is generally a safe bet. Any Chemcast acrylic I have used is fairly consistent, although you do have to check batches. Thickness can vary and if you are aiming to just cut through, it can be challenging.

Plywood is a different story.


Thanks folks, I woke up thinking more advanced 3D assemblies now to combine with my Arduino projects. I work a lot with R&D and have a side thing working with children designing things / makerspace boards. Very excited to see where this takes me. I have about 7 years with 3D printing SLA/FDM so it’s been fun comparing the work flows/thinking about integration betwixt.

It’s never old hat with acrylic. Acrylic is always fun to work with. Now you need to do some edge lit projects. :grin:


Every piece of acrylic i have cut has been amazing - very little of it has been pg.

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I don’t use much PG, so the naysayers don’t know what they’re talking about. But, yeah, cast acrylic is a pretty consistent material. It varies a bit by color/design (glitter, mirror, etc.), but across brands I don’t see a much variation.


You cube looks great and welcome to the world of GF! You’re gonna have so much fun :smiley:

Yes, luckily the chemical compound of acrylic is pretty much the same across the board except for color additives. It’s one of the few laser products that you can get from anywhere and it will cut pretty consistently, so don’t be afraid to search out local suppliers as you can get some awesome deals! Like others have mentioned, the only issue is consistent thickness. Because of the way it’s manufactured even the same small sheet can vary +/- 10% in thickness. That being said, I cut tons of acrylic and use the PF acrylic setting most of the time.


Nice. It’s the color of Cherenkov radiation.

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Thanks again for all the great feedback and info folks! I went on to prep my way into using this for robotics by playing a game with how well I could make it fit a servo body. I forgot the path for the wires at first haha… so I redesigned it with a cutout for that thickness offset. I put the name of a local Makerspace I am on the board of as I foresee using this to do flatpack project kits.


Day one … Looks like you enjoyed it! Looking forward to your future posts!