Playing with engraving on hardwood


Just a few experiments.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 11th, 2017



A lot of wow factor potential there.


Very intriguing! I would have said that the entire handle is too big to fit into the Glowforge. I guess it’s smaller than I thought, or you worked some kind of magic!


Did you hang the thick part over the end of the honeycomb or take the honeycomb out?


Whoa! You didn’t waste any time! Way to go! :grin::+1: :hedgie::hedgie::hedgie:

(Glad to see you can get the handles in there…did you take the tray out?)


Very nice! I’d love to see how you cradled the handled during the engraving.


For the several of you that are wondering how I worked this out.
I removed the crumb tray and proped it on a board with the head hanging off the end. At some point I’ll need to make a jig for repeatability.
Something I’ve observed but can’t guarantee is that the head won’t go south or east of the farthest cut from park which is Northwest.


Would love to see a picture of the setup if possible! Very exciting!


When I get a proper jig cut I’ll post it. I literally just set it on a 1x2 for these experiments.


Out of likes already (that’s what I get for not checking the Forums over the weekend), but this is what I’ve been waiting on. Once you are ready to sell your B# with lasered handles, let me know! I’ve been wanting to purchase some of your sharpeners for awhile, just wanted to wait till they were marked by your GF.


Give me several days to play and then either PM me or get up with me on Etsy. I was afraid that anything I had finished was locked in, but the experiments show that etching over the BLO/CA finish actually works better than on raw wood as it contains the sap that gets stirred up with the heat.

I am more than a little giddy that everything wood will now have a makers mark and can be customized.


Definitely will do.



I must get one of these now. I do think I’ve earned it.


Very nice – I especially like the knotwork one…


Need one! :sunglasses:


Did you have any problems getting within the .5 focal range?


Not a bit.


…and the scars to prove it!