Playing with engravings


Added a new one to the extended family this year. Decided I’d make custom ornament.

Basswood (right) FTW. Too much grain in the Oak and the acrylic is way too subtle, but may be cool edge lit.

I used a little bit of cutting board oil to bring out the contrast.


What a cutie! :grinning:


Very Nice! :sunglasses:
Did you happen to invert the colors for the acrylic? I understand that yields superior results.


Ooh… I did not. I’ll have to try that. Makes total sense in hindsight.


Welcome to you (and the little one)! The basswood engrave looks great - thanks for sharing the others for comparison.


I think the acrylic would really catch the tree lights. :sunglasses:


Can you share the settings you use for the basswood? I have yet to engage a photo that didn’t turn out either an overcut blob or really faint.



Power was set to 80 and zooms to 1000.


What was the LPI setting? Also, there are some other engrave settings, like “Grayscale” (default is “convert to dots”) and pattern density.