Playing with felt. 15th project


Some coasters for home.

All comments really appreciated


Nifty! :grinning:


Look neat.
Curious. How does that felt hold up to dampness?

I wonder what would seal that material? Maybe the leather sealers?
Sort of a spray on - tap flat - let dry thing.


This felt works very good but and extra layer of a cork sheet can be added


Great looking design


what settings did you use? did you hold it down with magnets in the tray? they look great


That looks like real wool felt. Very nice.


He felt the felt felt like wool.
(There was absolutely no reason for me to type that sentence, but how often do you get the opportunity to use the word felt three times in a seven word sentence?) :smile:


He felt the pelt felt like felt.

(Twice, apparently.) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Another cool sleek design from you!


Theses are very nice!


How did you take such nice and clean pictures? What’s your process?


Thanks Cordova… i am actually a Photographer so i use some lights to get a good photo… if you want to see more of what i do… now including lasercut art on the objects collection.

Thanks a lot


For 5mm Felt this are the settings in a Glowforge Pro

Speed: 250
Power:77 - 80


Speed 200
Power 18

Felt gets burned really fast, but at the same time it cools down really fast ,so when you cut , the fan of the Glowforge helps with the cooldown of the material. you might need a cutter for some minor cuts



Felt is actually a great material for coasters. It’s been used forever in bavarian biergartens, the traditional coaster is called bierfilzl. Semi-absorbent materials like felt are nice because your glass doesn’t stick to the coaster when you pick it up.