Playing with maps

I was playing with maps today and made this. It’s not great as I am still learning. Need to learn how to make the roads more visible and work on the text.

Still, not too shabby for a newbie!


Nice, who doesn’t love a good map?

Looks great. Something that’s on my list…that keeps growing!

Thank you!


I am a sucker for a good map! Historical maps are my first love, but any map will do.

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The library of Congress has a huge collection of historical maps, searchable by location and date.

Here is a project I did with one.


Awesome!! I’m just beginning to dabble with maps and used the default settings for GF medium draft board.

How does one figure out the settings to use on various materials? The laser makes such small engraving on the material it would be difficult to see until a lot has been done.

I’d recommend learning QGIS. I’ve only just started actually learning it (so I wouldn’t be of much help) but you can customize all of the line weights, labeling etc. AND export it all to vector.


I think I saw a YouTube video on QGIS? Where do you suggest I go for more info? Thank you!

I would suggest YouTube :slight_smile: it’s one of those programs like Illustrator of Inkscape where it can do a ton but you only use a small portion of the capabilities.

One big hint. You create layers. And then you tediously set up the styling, etc. You save the file, thinking you’ll come back later to work on it more. Nope. It didn’t save the layers because they were only temporary. You have to right-click and actually save each layer. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m a map and globe enthusiasts too!


We all start out as newbies.


Check out the design of the month - I think it’s a globe with a map on it, so cool!!!

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Thanks for the tip!

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