Playing with other lasers while I wait for my Glowforge


I am putting together a laser show for Halloween and have been learning about standard interfaces and available SDKs for controlling RGB laser scanners.

Here is my first test of the end-to-end software:

And now I have a new profile picture for the forums!


As it happens, Dan has experience playing with laser light shows.


Yeah. He’s a full-stack laser aficionado.

Just wait until he releases the death-ra… wait. I may have said too much.


Aaaah but its backwards…lol :glowforge:

Super cool vid


Good catch! I took a photo while the laser was projecting the “backside” of the logo. I’ll have to try again this evening :slight_smile:


Yeah, the lightshow is cool! :grin:


Awesome! I’d love to hear about the hardware and software you used… as noted, bigtime laser geek. :slight_smile:


Whoa that’s cool! I wonder how adaptable this is to those new winter laser lights people put out in front of their houses during the holidays!


Yes please, post details if you would be so kind. :slight_smile:


Good to hear @dan! To produce this laser animation, I used a 1000mW RGB laser that supports the ILDA and DMX control standards. This particular laser also plays animations loaded on a SD card. The unit has three laser diodes, Red (638nm) at 300mW, Green (532nm) at 100mW, and Blue (450nm) at 600mW.

To control the laser, I use an Ethernet to ILDA Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) called the EtherDream. This allows me to control the laser scanner from any device on my network, including an iPad.


To design the animation and run my laser shows, I use software called LaserShow eXpress (LSX). LSX enables you to combine audio, pictures, and effects - including effects expressed as mathematical formulas and functions - to create a laser show.

I am new to the software and am coming up to speed thanks to advice from the PhotonLexicon forum and a set of tutorials published by ColouredMirrorBall on YouTube.

After I finish designing our Halloween laser show, I intend to play with the combination of OpenFrameworks and a LeapMotion controller.

Finally, I really want to make something like these two projects by Seb Lee-Delisle.


So much fun!!!



Those are some really cool laser links
Thanks for sharing!


Super cool - thanks!


Wow, it is amazing that you can get a complete, full color system for $300.