Playing with the Elliptical Box Generator


Just fooling around with the elliptical box plug-in on Inkscape. (Couple of parts for boxes and a selection of optional lids.)


Elliptical Box (43.7 KB)


So cool! This is motivating me to try out Inkscape


Very cute, thanks! Is it intended for a certain thickness of wood?


I think this is one that will work either way - I was planning to experiment on 3 mm ply. :slight_smile:


Love that you rotated the lid 180 degrees, that allowed the colors to flip giving it a nice contrast with the rest of the box.

How did you get that alternating light/dark pattern?


Oh, that’s not mine…I don’t have a laser yet…that’s the shot from the Instructables link that tells you how to use the plugin. :sunglasses:

(The light/dark effect is just a trick of the eye…caused by an extra slice in the center of some of the squares.)


These are great boxes. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! I mainly use Illustrator but started with Inkscape early on. It is really cool to see such an amazing plugin like this.