Playing with various acrylics for cake toppers from Steven Universe

I really love acrylics. Mixing and matching is an endlessly fun sandbox to play in.

I got asked to do some wedding cake toppers for a friends wedding. This is Ruby and Sapphire from a show called Steven Universe.

I used a back piece from 1/16 black matte acrylic
And mirrored, marbled, and matte acrylics for the front pieces.
I didn’t kerf them for a more cartoonish, hand drawn look, and just placed them by hand and glued them with E-6000.


Those are fabulously fun!


These are really cute. Love that marbled acrylic!

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They look fantastic! I’m sure the friend was thrilled.

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That second Photo REALLY shows the mirrored quality and it looks fantastic!


So adorable!!!