Please Add a USB or SD Connection


What I’d suggest for people is one of these kits if their wifi is garbage, but they still have power connected at the breaker box:


It’s been said plenty of times that it won’t get added…the year of delay should have been plenty to add a Ethernet and USB connector, but I’ve given up on it. For a a 4k (pro) machine leaving out something so basic is to me so far the biggest design mistake.
I do understand why all of the compute intense part is done in the cloud, but still don’t like it. No I won’t cancel as there is nothing else around that comes close in features/ease of use. Won’t be able to get one for work (lots of folks actually interested), but now way we would let any images/layout details leave the internal network.
Enough ranting, still like it enough to stay excited.


Kind of feeling the same about loosing the 3.5 mm jack in the iPhone. Letting go of a perfectly good connectivity option because it doesn’t fit with the overall direction of Apple, mobile devices, and the march of technology. I would hope that for the Glowforge, the wifi only option is more of a technical consideration and simplicity rather than opening up a bigger revenue stream (wireless headphones generate way more money!).

I would say that the “new” generation of users assume that everything is unplugged.


I think this is a big part of it. The current generation is used to wifi and bluetooth. Personally, I almost exclusively use bluetooth headphones and speakers, even at work, and my car uses the lighting plug, so I’m not worried about losing the headphone jack. My sister-in-law on the other hand pretty much lives in her wired headphones and is mad about not being able to charge while using headphones at the same time.

The way that the GF works, a USB or SD connection is useless and would provide zero benefit. I could see an Ethernet port if you would rather have your forge hardwired to the internet, but in the end that probably affects a small percentage of those buying the machine. Personally, at this point I’m glad it’s wifi because my current house does not have wired Ethernet ports in the rooms, so I would have to have the forge right next to the modem if it were wired.


I found this interesting, considering apple has their own design for payment…


Personally, I have grown attached to Bluetooth earbuds, ever since the angle grinder snatched the wired ones out of my skull and removed them from the realm of men. Never found any piece of them with the exception of about 4" of wire wrapped around the grinder spindle.


Scary! Reminds me of a featherboard designer I spoke to once that mentioned how his table saw had grabbed one his hoodie’s draw strings and pulled his face and neck right on in…he somehow stopped short of becoming something out of a Friday the 13th Propmaster’s set.


That’s the kind of event that will have you jolt awake for years afterward.


That gave me the heebie jeebies just reading that. I’ve had my share of close calls with a tablesaw, but never with my face!


after watching a piece of plywood fly across the room thanks to a table saw, I had no doubts about buying a Sawstop table saw. by the way, if you try and cut carbon fiber on one of those without the safety disengaged it will cost you an $80 cartridge and a $60 blade.


my wifi radio on my cable modem is on the frits but every hardline works just fine. the radio randomly turns off comes back if I reboot it. but ya I don’t want it randomly dyeing when forging. so :frowning: at no hard line Ethernet but we knew that this time last year. at some point ill buy a new modem


That’s terrifying. Makes me think I need a “BEND OVER” sign next to my rotating power tools–meaning, “Bend over and check before you work, because anything that’s hanging down could kill your a**.”

As an aside, I used to work for an engineering startup whose interns were almost all women. Our intern supervisor–the nicest, mellowest guy I know–would tell each one on their first day that if he ever caught them using power tools with their long hair either loose or in a ponytail that could get in front of them, he’d fire them on the spot. It seems to have worked, because it never happened.


Yikes! My closest to disaster was learning that one should not use loose cotton gloves around a drill press. Ripped them off over my wrists rather than my fingertips. No damage to the hand, but I learned my leasson.


I keep my beard trimmed for exactly that reason. I’m not looking to get it forcibly ripped off my face (or worse have it take my face with it :scream:).


!!![quote=“nunzioc, post:27, topic:2970”]
his table saw had grabbed one his hoodie’s draw strings and pulled his face and neck right on in…
:scream: Sounds more like a Final Destination sub-plot. No bueno !!!

Curious on who will have the first flaming GF once delivered…Unfortunately it;s easier than you think - especially for newbies,. I’ve had cardboard and foam light up, but i always monitor and watch cuts so I was able to just take them over to the sink . Hopefully never have to break out the extinguisher,


This reminds me of a story from my high school shop teacher about his buddy that got his beard caught in a drill. True? Or a cautions tale? Either way, I remember it 25 years later, so it definitely worked!


Yes, you were fortunate. The torque of a drill press makes it a meat-eater.


This was always a concern at the pizza place I worked at in high school with the big Hobart mixer. It could easily scalp someone with a ponytail… but we never had an incident.


Wood lathe at my junior high school vs. guy with long hair. Detroit area, 1973. Not pretty… :head_bandage: :zipper_mouth:


Wow, this thread took a turn for the dark side all of a sudden. :sweat_smile: