Please Add a USB or SD Connection

Those of us who do not always have “the best” of connections to our Wifi, even though it works most of the time. I would LOVE to have another way to get files onto my Glowforge other than having to only be able to connect to it VIA Wifi. Why do you not add a connection for a USB type cable or a slot for an SD Card. PLEASE. This would be really a great upgrade for us.

The problem is that the software that runs the GF is in the cloud, not on the machine. So having a card slot or USB wouldn’t give you anything more than it has now. It still needs the wifi to even function.


Sorry, you are not understanding the way the GF is going to work. ALL the processing will be done online. An SD or USB is meaningless.


It seems possibly overlooked that the gf has an on board buffer, we do not know how big, but the way the code moves the axes and varies the power will be very efficient, and I believe that a lot of jobs will fit on board.

have those connections will not help as the UI, motion planner, power planner. Are all in the cloud its a web service. Plugging in a drive to the device won’t get you anything as the CAM is not local its on the web so you still will need connectivity.

That and Dan has told us the plastics are final


The OP said his WIFI is not reliable, which inmost cases is not the same as his internet connection. In my case I have a solid internet connection, but the shop where the GF will be is pretty far from the house WIFI. It does however have a wired Ethernet connection. I would have loved it if there was an RJ45 port on the GF. The way it is, I will have to place a WIFI router into the shop just to make it jump the last 6" into the GF…


Yeah. I’m kind of on the same page there. I would always prefer a nice hardline Ethernet connection over WiFi. The new place we moved into doesn’t have any wiring aside from electrical through most of the house, and I actually had to buy a wifi adapter for my PC which didn’t have wifi built in. It works pretty well, but where we notice it the most is our television. We have dropped cable and now stream all of our media, and the TV (also using a wifi dongle) hangs up quite a lot on Hulu, and for the first time on Netflix last night. If we use the PS3 to stream instead of the TV then it’s better, but the PS3 gets loud once the cooling fan kicks in.


So using an Ethernet Cable to increase connectivity you think would help? Maybe they could just include that for the people who helped Crowd-Fund as a “Gift” b/c they are being so slow about actually giving us the machine itself. That’s an idea. Buying Extra Parts for things like this is kind of a pain… I remember when I bought this laser-scanner and the cable they included in the box did not function at all. It was so cheap I could not even use it. I had to buy a new one, which was really bizarre b/c the cable I need was very standard and actually did not cost much. I still have it, actually. Very standard Printer Cable… as in the type most printers use. I bought one with gold plated connectors. It wasn’t even expensive. The company that made the device should have included one like that in the first place. The included cable was 100% aluminum… such a piece of junk it did not even function… at all.


An Ethernet cable should always function better than wifi… barring issues with the cable or the hardware on either end… however the point is moot in this case. They’ve stated from the beginning that this would be a wifi only device.


:grinning:Wow, that’s a trip down memory lane. I don’t remember the last time I used a printer (at work or home) that still uses a printer cable.



I would big time love a rj45 as well

It would be nice to add hardware features, but I’m afraid that ship sailed long ago! We’re working hard to deliver what we promised, and unfortunately it’s too late for us to consider adding additional connections.


Add these desired hardware features to Glowforge 2.0. :grinning:
You ARE working on next year’s model aren’t you?


I think they have their hands full at this point trying to get 1.0 out of the hole.
The “hopper” is a bucket of ideas for future consideration!

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If you have ethernet, you can add an access point for less than $50. (I did that in my office at the end of the house, which is the one place where the regular wifi doesn’t reach) Of course, if your wifi is simply unreliable/flaky, that’s another deal. But: can you do the design and manipulation where the reception is good, then trust to the buffer to get the whole cut into the machine?

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For those who just have a weak wifi signal due to their distance from the router, you can try a wifi repeater/booster. They just plug into outlets and extend the range of your wifi.


The annoying thing is: If you have weak Wifi… even if you do have it… and the almost $3,000.00 machine you ordered doesn’t work right out of the box b/c it needs “extra stuff” and you don’t even know what you need to make it work better it is going to be a pain.
For we “not computer savvy people” can you at least… if not include a… (???)… in the box with the device to make it work “right out of the box” then at least include instructions of what some of us might need to get from someone/somewhere??? Please help us, Dan.

Thank you.


I don’t see how Dan is going to know what you or any other person specifically needs for their unique situation. I’m sure if you describe your scenario here, you will get some solutions to whatever the problem may be.

Do you have Internet at your home? Are you connecting to a wireless router based on that internet service?

Or -
Are you connecting a wireless internet provider in your area?

Or -
Are you connecting to a neighbors wifi?

Describe what your setup is if you can.


If you think your plight of having to buy something extra is unique, Non-US and or other NEMA 5-15P countries have to buy their own power cord before using their Glowforge.

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