Please help...had a fire now alignment off after replacing belt

Hi there,

I’m in need of assistance please.
I had a small fire yesterday and the belt got fried.
One of the glowforge users here, Mike,assisted me in the measurements for the belt and I was able to replace it.
One of the wheels seems slightly charred so we sanded it down.
However, after trying everything,the alignment is still off and I’m not sure how to fix it.
I was hoping someone here had some recommendations. Please help!

The images are a progression with one very wonky. We adjusted the tightness of the belt then it was better. The scoring is the final cut we did. You can see the A is off in comparison to the other A.

Thank you. (Attaching pictures of the alignment)

I think you should get 2 new wheels from Glowforge and perhaps a new belt while you are at it. Sanding down a wheel may not have been the best solution, but it is really hard to say if that is what is causing the issue.