Plywood and Acrylic Laptop stand

Just over a year ago I made this laptop stand for a friend of mine that lacked a place to put his laptop with the screen open. . Everything is snap fit and wood is held in place by the spring tension of the bendy portion of the wood. It was a fun project, but I spent way too many late nights alone in the local maker space.

As you can see thingiverse isn’t the best place for files that are not stl or designed primarily for a 3d printer. It would be nice to have a place to put files designed to be cut by a laser or a cnc router.


Nicely done and I agree, thiniverse is not the best place for this, I’d do a good write up and put it on instructables.

Really clever! Spring fit parts are underrated. Nicely done.

Only thing I would add for my personal laptop is a vent for air intake through the wood as my laptop’s designers are stupid and put the air intake on the bottom…

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thinking of my MacBook Pro and how hot it can get on bottom, some kind of nice cut out design on the actual bed for the laptop would not only look nice, but potentially aid with ventilation.


The ipad doesnt get really hot, but I put in the venting circles anyway on the holder I made with the design from @polarbrainfreeze