Plywood frame hanging

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anyone has experience or good advice on attaching hooks or frame wire to plywood frames?

Right now I have a piece in a plywood box frame and I’ve been debating how to hang it.

It’s 1/4" plywood (actually 0.2"), so I was thinking about using tiny screws to hold frame wire. e.g.,

and some frame wire.

Thoughts? Ideas? Better ideas?


My favorite hanging method is making a French Cleat. Take a piece of 2x4 and cut it down the center with the saw at a 45 degree angle. Attach one piece to wall, and one piece to item to hang. Very sturdy, and great for light weight all the way to heavy items.

Alternatively, you can try these Keyhole Hangers - Free Laser Designs - Glowforge Owners Forum


The solution should be context-driven, specifically how large is it, and how heavy? That will do a lot to define your options.


When using 1/4" material I use #8 x 7/16" slide screws, typically used for mounting drawer slides. They’re a coarse thread screw with a super fine point for easy installation, no need for power tools, but they work well if you do. In most applications, the screw point doesn’t penetrate completely through the mounting hardware and material unless you’re using your super-kung-fu-grip strength to tighten them down, but if you find that they still penetrate the material (4-5mm materials), you can use one screw to start the hole then remove it and finish the installation with a screw that’s had the tip ground down. And yes, I’ve had to do that before when using a 4mm thick plywood panel for the side of a cabinet.


Good point!

I’m working on a few different designs and projects.
Mostly not too large: 1ft square or so. Maybe some closer to 1ft x 1.5ft
Weighing… maybe about as much as 2-3 sheets of GF sized plywood.

They keyhole hanger seems it could work pretty well.
I also may try what @yoyodyne2112 suggested.

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Yeah keyholes work for that size. I think your screws plus hardware would too.

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