Plywood Map

Here’s a nice demonstration video showing how to make a laser engraved plywood map and frame:

The video references at the end (I have no affiliation with the site).


On my list of things to make. Thanks.


I’ve been seriously considering making something similar to donate to our local museum once I get my Glowforge. To add extra character, I’ve even pondered, if I do the framing myself, using the Glowforge for the miters. It should be more than capable.

Of course, some things in this video might be beyond me simply for lack of equipment.


What a fantastic job! Also the cinematography of the piece is top notch. Really well done. Thank you for sharing.


Nice! I have been thinking about laser engraved maps since I saw the original Glowforge marketing video.


Excellent video.
Exactly how all my projects come together - Not!
I would have had to add the music soundtrack just to cover my language as every step went slightly (or massively) wrong. Still, it’s good to see what is supposed to happen…


I’ve been looking forward to doing a map of each place I’ve lived since I first bought the Glowforge. I started a topic about it before, but google has changed their Stylized Map page so my previous links are no good. Below is the new link. The only downside is, I haven’t found a way to export the map. So I just do a screen shot and work with the image from there. The good thing is you can change the settings on just about every feature. I can’t wait to burn a map.


The silver theme and a screen shot looks like an easy start?

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