Plywood sales/info thread!

Creating a thread for us all to find the best price on multiple types of plywood’s. I’m currently looking for any plywood (even low quality!) that sells for less than $3 a sheet at 12x24 or 12x20. My Ebay sellers raised up to $7 a sheet. But I have that link if anyone is interested at that price.


I love woodworkers resource, but they like everyone else has been effected
where are you in the USA? have you scouted out local lumber yards?


Anaheim, CA.

I have about 6 different lumber yards near me. Used to be great pickings! But as you said, rough times all around.

Does anyone have any ideas on other cheap printing materials? Might have to start using cardboard if I can find 12x20 sheets lol.

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have you contacted peterman lumber in fontana?

there still on the lower end of cost VS others


they have 5’ x5’ sheets 1/8" Baltic birch $18 a sheet - no cut
yields 15 - 12 x 20 pieces, $1.20 a piece.

Think I’ll give them a call to see if they will cut it into 12x20s. If so, its 100% worth throwing in 10 extra bucks for! Good catch!

i’,m in las vegas, they have no millwork dept, I think they just sell whole sheets, BUT worth an ask…

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$2.80 a sheet - but 30 sheets ship same price as 15 sheets…


Got the email set up to notify when they are back in stock!

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usually a day or two

I used to go to Ganahls in Anaheim for cheap/good wood, but over the last year the prices skyrocketed. Have you checked out Cherokee Wood in Upland? I haven’t made it up there yet, but luckily I have enough in my stash that I haven’t had to get any in a while. Looks like Cherokee raised their prices, but only by 7 dollars a sheet. So a 5x5 looks to be 34 dollars.

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Ganahl lumber in anaheim or buena park was my go to! Loved that place, but they seem to be the highest right now.

I’ll check out Cheokee! I can make that price work!

yeah, my last trip before the ukraine crisis, the baltic birch jumped to 42 dollars a sheet. The one in Anaheim (Ball/State College-ish) had 1/8" maple in a 4x8 foot sheet for 41. I didn’t get it because I didn’t need it at the time, but it was nice to see they started carrying other woods in thinner sizes.

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I have the most beautifully finished white birch. The wood supplier is marketing it as 1/4. The calipers have a reading of .19210. I will sell you 16 sheets at $4 a sheet. Minimum 16 sheets.

I also have lots of 1/8 MDF. $3 a sheet minimum 16 sheets. Digital caliper reading is .125

You pay for shipping. If you are interested private message me and we will work out the details.

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$4.50/sheet including shipping, quality is good, cuts and engraves consistently.

They have 1/4" thickness too if you’d prefer.


you spent all those lottery winnings?



The times are such that nearly everyone has multiple cardboard boxes. The sheets do not have to fill the whole cutting bed to be useful.

Ocooch sells 12x20 x1/8 @2.53 a sheet plus shipping. You can’t get to free shipping but playing around with volume can get you to the lowest total per sheet.

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