Plywood Sheet Calculator

Plan your cuts before you go.

If I choose 12x19 inches I can get 20 panels from a 4x8 sheet of plywood.


My only issue here is that I design many project cutsheets to be full-bed (19.5” width). I’d have to rework a lot of older projects to use 19” wide stock

That being said this isn’t such a big concern for me because I almost never buy sheet stock in 4x8 — I buy much more BB in 5x5, which is a perfect 15 12x20 sheets. If I ever buy 4x8 it’s mdf and maybe I’ll try the 12x19 method one of these times.

Opticutter seems pretty cool for complicated layouts, nice find.


I get 5 48x19 sheets and take what I need thus having a lot less scrap, That opti-miser would be a lot nicer if you could hand it an svg file, but then again you get more than you pay for… so…


Nice, thanks!

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