Pocket nc v2 desktop 5 axis


Pocket has a new version out, it seems.




I think announce last September. I follow Winston Moy on YouTube and Instagram and he makes cool stuff with it. Somehow mesmerizing to watch. The Bluetooth speaker is pretty cool:


I really, really, really, really would like one of these. :scream: . . . :scream:
:sob: :sob:
I have Glowfinger !
. . . and lots of steppers, and bits and bobs . . .



Thanks for sharing that video. Goodness gracious that was an amazing cnc job. I can think pretty well in 3d machining. 5 and my head hurts. Some of what he did was crazy.


I’m holding out for a 5 axis 3D printer. It would be closer to the the stuff I did by hand