Pocket Pentominoes

If @marmak3261 using the marmak3261 icon is not meta I don’t know what is. :squee:


Treat your Glowforge like a gas stove - don’t leave it unattended while it is in operation.


We love things like pentominoes! I actually just made a pentominoes quilt this weekend


Nice quilt! But, now I have the Tetris theme song stuck in my head for some reason.


As soon as she saw the wooden one, my wife immediately said "Nice. That would make a great quilt!"


Pentominoes are like a tetris cousin! Tetris pieces are made of four adjacent squares - so those shapes are tetrominoes. There are really only 5 tetrominoes if you discount flips and rotations, but tetris includes the flips. These are made of five adjacent squares, hence the name pentominoes. There are 12 pentominoes if you discount flips and rotations - as seen in dwardio’s puzzle and my quilt. You’ll notice my quilt and his puzzle are two different solutions in the same 6x10 grid. Those 12 pentominoes can fit in dwardio’s puzzle in over 2000 solutions! On the smallest scale, dominoes are basically made of two adjacent squares (of course, there’s only one of those shapes, and doesn’t make for a very interesting puzzle, but plenty of other fun games).


i would totally play pentominoe Tetris… Pentris?

A little variant I found a while back:

Hex FRVR - Hexagon Puzzle Game by FRVR

There have been many versions of it over the years. Here’s one that’s playable in the browser: Pentris

It’s quite a bit more difficult than Tetris because you tend to end up with a lot more unfillable gaps. Thus some versions of Pentris give you other pieces in addition to the pentominoes. This one appears to use all possible pieces of 1-5 squares: Pentris

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Well that was different! I don’t know… Aspects of each were fun, but I think Tetris was in fact correct about the number of blocks.
(Also, the lack of russian techno in both Pentris versions was saddening :cry:)


Yeah, Tetris is pretty much a perfect balance. The pure Pentris is too annoying to play, but the one with lots of small pieces is far too easy. It would probably be better with only tetrominoes and pentominoes.

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