Pocket TriPod - or How Crowdfunding inspired me



Here’s another Indiegogo that seems like it should be easy to mimic with the Glowforge.


I like it! They should do an iPhone one too! :grinning:


I bet they lasered their prototypes.


Those look really cool. Certainly looks laserable. But calling it a tripod is a crime against the English language.


They have different inserts so that it works with any phone, even in a case (excluding giant cases like Otterboxes or something).

The only issue I see is that the rotation piece has a thin edge that
slides into its host… not sure how to mimic that without doing something like three pieces of material sandwiched together. I suppose a deep engrave along the edge on both sides might work. Should be able to come up with something comparable though.


Are you complaining about marketing lingo as the purchaser of a “3d Laser Printer” that only cuts? :smiley: