Police Charity Plaque


My police department has a Chaplaincy program that serves the citizens of Stockton and PD employees in both spiritual and non-spiritual matters. They are non-sectarian, serving people of all faiths (and no faith) and this is their 20th year of service to the community. They are supported solely by donations and every year they have a large fundraising dinner. I made this for the auction and hope to raise them a few bucks.

I screwed up the reclaimed wood I was originally going to use for the plaque, but it worked out better in the end. In desperation, I went to Hobby Lobby looking for some “aged” wood and I found a perfect pre-made plaque for the project that didn’t look too commercial-y. Everything else was made/designed by me. The finished piece is roughly 10"x12".

Oh, I have a few gazillion test patches to give away now too. I really need not to obsess about getting things “just” right. :stuck_out_tongue: (I was a good learning tool for greyscale images and how different woods engrave.)

My one wish-list for this project; sizing/scaling built into the GUI. It really is a must for precision cutting and alignment.



It’s absolutely beautiful; I’m sure they will be thrilled with it. Well done!


Looks fabulous! Great job!


That is simply outstanding! Love the relief map with the badge - it makes the design really pop! :grinning:


That is effing amazing!


Wow! This is fantastic!


Well that turned out all right.
I suppose the charity dinner will benefit from your artistry.
Probably a lot.
Probably that will garner some attention and multiple bids.
Depending on the event, I expect you might get bids on your test patches, as well… were I at your charity and unable to afford the big plaque, I would probably be thoroughly delighted with the chance to buy one of your “imperfect” patches - especially if my smaller purchase were to benefit the organization I support.

Trying to not echo my favorite adjectives, but stunning, fantastic, beautiful work.


This project turned out really well! You should be proud.


Very well done.


Really cool, and very thoughtful!


Thanks for all the love everyone. When one is so close to a project it can be hard to step back and appreciate the final product. It’s good to get a fresh perspective on it :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch cmreeder, I really hadn’t thought about offering the patches as I see them as just test runs, but I think I’ll take your advise and put them up as well. I delivered the plaque today and it was well received with folks asking if I had other items as well. I think the younger officers would appreciate smaller items to go for.


The CA outline came out really nice.


Looks fantastic - great job! Hope y’all raise lots of $$!


That’s beautiful! Also, Thanks for posting this as well as non-FUD information on the Laser Engraving and Cutting FB page. Cheers!