Poll: When do you use your GF - Weekend or Weekdays?

When do you use your GF? I’m interested in trying to understand the GFUI load. It seems some people have had issues with “preparing design” hangups in the past… Hopefully that is beyond us, but I am curious when you use your GF!

  • I use my GF mainly during the weekend.
  • I use my GF mainly during the week.
  • I use my GF about half during the week and half during the weekend.

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A TIME survey may have shown a pattern though.
Time zone with morning, afternoon, evening .


Yeah, I pretty much use mine whenever. During the day sometimes, but mostly later at night, just cause that’s when I get done with the forum, finish up a design, and get ready to test it. :smile:

BTW - I ran a little file that might have caused the general slow down a few days ago. It was a mother. Sorry gang. The GFUI processed it though - very impressed.

I’m sure @dan has usage statistics. He could probably give folks a head’s up on the best times to dodge to avoid traffic jams if he were so inclined.

(of course, then they would change.) :wink:

“in my dreams”


I think the scalable nature of cloud server capacity eliminates the potential for traffic volume issues.
A bigger potential I think is the local WiFi channel traffic.
Just my speculation.


Whenever I have the chance in amongst the myriad other random hobbies I have.

It can do that. It’s not clear that GF has it wired up sufficiently to avoid problems though. They certainly clearly did not at one point. Current evidence indicates that they don’t have this completely solved, but you’re right, could be local or somewhere between the GCP and the GF. But my money would be on weekends are peak use times for Glowforge and they don’t have scale licked yet because they keep finding little issues in their automation that only crop up as each new usage record breaks (and that usually when key folks are trying to enjoy their day off and it gets wrecked by their on-call phone ringing).


You may have meant “behind” us. :slight_smile: But it is probably also beyond us.