Polyester Felt Letters for Banners

I haven’t noticed this before, but kudos to Glowforge for the LED lighting in the bed. It does preserve the color of the material much better than the shop light that was overhead in the picture following

I have the best 2nd grade catechists in the world! They prepare the youngsters for Confession and First Communion. They are especially patient with me regarding cutting out the names for the banners each student makes. It’s that time of the year and I did this in about a half an hour.

I haven’t been very productive at all with my hobbies for quite some time. And the Glowforge is sorely neglected. But when I need it. It works great. I haven’t even had time to try out my Premium subscription much. But the lettering capability alone is great. No fuss with Inkscape and sizing and placement issues.

Usual issues of trying to minimize waste and nest properly. But sometimes keeping the order of the names is more important. The felt for the job was only about $1.50. I bought it by the yard at JOANN. It’s a fleece-like felt and cuts great. Of course we don’t post speeds and feeds here, but we can post screenshots of placements and all the necessary details! Magnets are a must, especially on the upper edge to make sure the felt doesn’t flap. Also, as posted before here, compensate for shrinkage after cutting to make your sheets to put into the bed. I seemed to get them too narrow. Letter shrinkage wasn’t bad. It’s great to dial in 3 inches and get perfect sizing.

The text functionality is great. Can’t seem to move the popup text editing box, but that’s no biggie.

One of last year’s banners.


I remember those! (The banners. And the cutting. Ain’t technology grand?) :smile: :+1:


Awesome use of GF. Great job!


Nicely done! I’m sure the catechists loved all the time you saved them.


I vividly remember my first confession. I told the priest “I am mad at my brother he would not let me watch I dream of Jeanie.”

Early 1970s— and I believe that was my first and last confession.


This was a nice use for your Glowforge. Glad you at least had a chance to say hello to your Glowforge!