Polyester felt made from recycled plastic bottles?

I have some felt from kuninfelt.com that is made of “polyester made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles.”

I’m having trouble finding the MSDS. Does anyone know if this is laser safe?

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Plastic bottles are overwhelmingly HDPE. Generally it’s melty but not gonna kill your machine unless it catches fire. I don’t know of any bottles that are made of chlorinated plastics like PVC, so you are probably ok. If you need to be totally sure, I’d ask the manufacturer for the MSDS, everything else is a guess.


The part of PVC that’s bad for your laser cutter is the “C”, Chlorine. Polyesters don’t have it and yeah, other than the fire risk that a finely-spun tangle of polyester might pose, it should be fine to run through the machine.


Although not exactly the same thing (I’ve never cut anything with recylcled plastic bottles), this is some heavy duty material I cut that is cotton wrapped polyester (or vice versa). It cut just fine, but the poly was smokey and stinky.


@evansd2 @randy.cohen @Xabbess thanks, all, for the help!