Polyester Label T-Shirt Stencil?

I bought some polyester labels in hopes of getting snapmarks. Still waiting. So I started to experiment with what else I could do. I grabbed a file from my Universal Monster light box. I believe this stuff would be impossible to weed, but this design doesn’t need it. I just vaporize the holes.

IMG_3572 IMG_3575 IMG_3576

There is some “gummy” residue on the shirt. I will have to wait for it to dry before I try washing it off. I used glow in the dark tulip color shot.


Good stuff! What settings did you end up using?


I cut it at 500/30

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I think the shirt looks pretty fantastic!! I hope the gummy stuff comes off easily.


Wow … These are really cool!

No such luck. I think the problem was that I used waterproof labels. The adhesive did not come off in the wash.

It did not stop me from wearing Halloween night, it was dark and wasn’t too noticeable. I think I might have better luck with Mylar.

I feel like Dr. Frankenstein when Igor brought back an “Abby Normal” label.