Polyester labels settings

Several people have ask for settings for polyester labels but I forgot to write them down the first time so I had to find them through SWAG and experimenting again this morning.

Well, here they are without further ado. As always, different brand, batch etc. may need tweaking.



:slight_smile: Most Excellent!

Kiss Cut settings: 500/8

This one is for Online Labels OL9805LP.


Has anyone done a Kiss Cut for Ikonics LaserTape?

No, but if it’s really thin, you can try those to start with…they work pretty well for films. Paper needs a slightly higher power…about 15 or maybe 20.

LaserTape has a gummy green material with a thin membrane that acts like transfer paper. I’ll just have to test to see what tackles the gummy precisely! Your settings will be where I start though.

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Hi, what kind of polyester labels do you mean? Mind linking it?

We are getting them from onlinelabels.com. :slightly_smiling_face:

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oh i see, so like sticker sheets?
is this better than using a vinyl cutter to do the cutting?

Are you talking about this?


No, not really, just one less tool to own if this is all you are cutting.

I do full color prints then cut them out this way.


It’s faster. A whole lot faster. :slightly_smiling_face:


I just realized that I was missing something here in my own thread. Kiss cut in this case is not the old acronym but a better way to cut these! I can be so dense at times.

Thanx @Jules, I’ll try a kiss cut next time.

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:rofl: I’d forgotten that one…sorry. Not what I intended at all.

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BTW- I emailed Online Labels and confirmed that the Weatherproof Glossy Inkjet labels are also polyester.


Oh that’s good to know…I thought they might be (I have both) but wasn’t sure. :grinning: