Polymer setting?

Has anyone tried to engrave polymer? If you have what setting have you used.

I tried to engrave a polymer magazing for my rifle and the pattern turned out a little off then what I had for my file.

please help.

Polymer is a generic term - can you be more specific on what you’re engraving?

In totally vague terms;
If it’s melting the cuts, probably faster and less power
If it’s not deep enough, probably slower or more power

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Can you provide more details - what settings did you use? How did you come up with the settings - by testing? What were the results? What do you mean by “a little off” - Not aligned, or did not engrave as you expected?

I am trying to do engraving on an ar-15 magazine for better grip on the magazine for a reload. It is a high density polymer to with stand being broken when thrown around. I’m trying to get a defined shape etched on it

You are probably looking at a FRN material, or a flexible rubber like material over an FRN material. FRN means fiber reinforced nylon. It is hard, resilient, and break-resistant. It may also be something like Kydex, which you should not use in the laser due to the vinyl content in the material. I have also seen G10, another fiber reinforced plastic, used for grips.

You really need to know exactly what material you are using before you use it. Otherwise you risk injuring yourself and others and your machine.