Pondering the filter

Hi all,
I received my filter yesterday! This is one of the intended-original versions that have just started becoming available. So, cool… but …

Like many, I ordered the filter when I ordered the Forge as part of the pre-order period; that was a little while ago. Since then I moved and have a totally different shop and my outside venting has been working just fine for me, so I really don’t need the filter. I thought about canceling and getting that refunded, but I’m fortunate that I didn’t terribly need that money back and figured that I’d just take possession in case a situation arose where I needed it.

So the plan is: recieve it :white_check_mark: and put it on a shelf. But the question occurred: Should I:

A - Take it out and at least test it so I know it works and deal with any issues now (key: while under warranty), or
B - Leave it boxed up in pristine condition in case I give up and want to sell it later, potentially taking it on Antiques Roadshow in 30 years to find that a 1st generation Glowforge Filter still in the shipping box is worth ONE BILLION DOLLARS!!??!! :astonished:
{a 60% value increase when adjusted for inflation}

It’s a real puzzler, I’m sure you’ll agree. Anyone else wrestling with this? It’s really weighing on me. I tossed and turned thinking about it last night before finally falling asleep 2 minutes later.


Chuckle! Finally…someone who understands economics! :smile:

I’d just take the refund if you don’t need it, but, if you do decide to receive it…you can set it up and test it without running a job to dirty the filter… just connect the hose at the top, flip the switch on the back and turn the knob on the front to the right to turn on the fan. It’s noisy enough that you’ll be able to tell it’s working.


I would test it to be sure it is not DOA. Keep it or sell. I am a bit of a hoarder which I justify by having things when I need them…


I do the same, but then I can never remember where I put them. :woman_shrugging:


:cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :cry:Me too :cry: :sob: :sob: :cry: :cry:


“It’s better to have and not want, than to want and not have.”


Oh, so lucky to not have to worry about keeping it just in case some day you may indeed want to use it yourself…

But there’s Option C: offer it for sale–might get better price unopened, but think it will be better to confirm it’s functional (option A, but as @Jules suggested so filter is not used). No matter if you sell sealed, or tested, it’s been “driven off the lot” and like a car, even 1 mile on it after sold, the resell value is significantly less than dealer price… :wink:


I pre-ordered my filter with my Glowforge, too. It occurred to me after I got the Glowforge that I could rearrange my workspace to make venting out a window possible. That has been working well for most of my use.

Fumes from cutting acrylic can linger outside, especially on a still day. I don’t feel great about doing that to my neighbors. Using the filter for acrylic, the fumes are pretty much just gone for me. So, I’m keeping it ready for that and rubber, maybe felt …


I canceled mine after a year, knowing I could vent out a window here. I proceeded to buy every material I may or may not need with the savings.

Since I’m still buying material, I must think that was an endless refund.


Wise words. :grin:

A good consideration, but I’m lucky there that my neighbors are a good way off.

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its a metal box that houses a 250.00 filter. Worst case you lose a few bucks from opening it.


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