Pop Rivets for Proofgrade?

Just learned about the magic of pop rivets today. Has anyone used them on proofgrade plywood/acrylic yet? Do they work or would they damage the material?

I haven’t but note that they make plastic and aluminum versions, as well as many coated steel colors (brass, bronze, brushed, etc…)

I have used a plastic version to hold in servos on some robotic projects i done in the past. Metal ones might damage the material.

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I agree with slacker when I have used pop rivets on metal, it is a significant pressure applied to the mating materials.


I think with acrylic the chance for cracks would be way too great.


Not with plastic rivets, they use nowhere near as much force to hold (or break when installing)…


here is one resource for the plastic rivets.


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You can get them in kits from Harbor Freight, and also Northern Tool iirc…

Oh nice! Was gonna do Amazon but HF may be cheaper…