Pop Up Valentines Card


We needed Valentines cards for my kid’s class. No way we’re going with store-bought when we have good old Major Lazer in the shop. I stole this design from this great Instructable. Cleaned it up and split it into cut and score layers. Here’s the file, in case you’d like to make some.



Have you seen this site?



It’s a great card!

Just a gentle reminder that you must own a design to post it in Free Laser Designs, per the forum rules. I’ll move it to Everything Else for you.


The default license on Instructables is Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike, so I think I do own the file, assuming I link to the original, but no problem. Thanks for all your work to keep this place humming!


Oh thank you!

To be honest, I’m completely ignorant about licenses and Creative Commons and such, so I may have gotten it wrong. Here’s the phrase in Dan’s original posting (linked above) that I was going from:

And I totally don’t mean to be picking on you as I’m sure there are other instances of similar sharing that don’t get called out. I just thought I would remind folks about the terms as they can be strangely hard to find in the forum😄.


Amazing site - bookmarked !


Great design. You have saved a portion of my Butt this year. I took you design which produces 3 cards and reduced it to a single card and added a heart. blue = cut, red = score, green = engrave…