Popsicle Sticks Help - Engrave/Jig

Hi! I’m trying to engrave popsicle sticks and before I test out some settings, I was wondering if anyone has already attempted? The stick is ~2mm thick and I am looking to engrave around 200 sticks. If anyone has any tips on how to create a jig, I would welcome your input on that as well.

Thank you!

If you search the Free Laser Design section for “pencil jig” you will find a file for engraving pencils. Simply take that file and modify the size of the cut out so a Popsicle stick fits rather than a pencil - basically you are just making a series of rectangles the size of your sticks.


For the jig, a piece of cardboard will be best-you’ll want the outlines of the shape/size of the sticks as one color so you cut all of those out, and then what you want to engrave as a different color. This way you put the carboard in (and secure it with pin downs), do the cut operation, then open the GF, put in the sticks, run the engrave job. Then remove sticks, add new ones, and repeat. For settings I don’t have any but testing is always the best option!


Thank you! Good advice!

Thanks so much! Will try this out.

This is good advice, but there are some challenges, mostly about getting your sticks in and out.

I’d do almost exactly what you said but:

Make the outlines of your sticks and setup the engraving (text in this case)

Then I’d add a rectangle that covers the bulk of the sticks. You want to leave the tops and bottoms sticking out a bit:

Then I’d union the outlines and the rectangle:

Now you can cut that weird outline shape out of your cardboard, then insert and remove sticks easily into the little indents in the top/bottom. It’ll make your life a lot easier, and the jig will cut more quickly than if you tried to cut them all exactly and independently.

Also, another tip: put your cardboard at at least a 30 degree angle before you cut out. The corrugation will sometimes bite you if you don’t because if it lines up with your cuts it can make for improper support. If you angle the cardboard first, then corrugation will give you proper support and alignment.


Awesome idea! I was wondering how to get the sticks in and out without moving the jig. Thanks for the detailed description!

Thanks @evansd2, I never thought of doing the jig that way. Way easier than trying to dig smaller objects out!

Make sure to pin/tape down your jig as well - don’t want it wiggling on you!

All really good tips!