Porch Rules

Painted the board with exterior paint, masked both sides, and used a design purchased from Etsy for an SD engrave. Tried spraying an exterior paint before unmasking … but, the masking was bubbling up.

Ended up using some acrylic paint for the letters … and it took four coats. Removed the masking and touched up the teal from where the bubbling up caused paint to bleed under. Then had to touch up the white again … and then the teal a bit again. Whew!

Wasn’t sure if cleaning with alcohol first would cause the masking to bubble up or disintegrate … but, do know that I wouldn’t want to make another with this same method. Very happy with the final product … just a little more work than planned.


It looks great though so your extra effort paid off. :slight_smile:

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Beautiful job on it! :grinning:

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I’ve never had the masking bubble up using this technique. Also, I’ve never done that much engraving - maybe it’s a time thing? Engraved areas do suck up the paint and even without bubbling I’ve had wicking problems under the tape.

It’s a very nice sign.


Feels like home. Nice work!

“The best laid plans…”

This is likely the cause of the failed mask, just a guess.
I will use a small art brush and paint the engrave with a fast dry clear to seal the wood pores before spraying. That eliminates the bleed under.


Love it!

I’m thinking I need to sell designs on etsy…


With your experience and undoubtedly rich file collection, I agree!


Or even work ?
My daughter has just discovered it, and says that a lot of her fellow makers only use that now, instead of galleries !
John :upside_down_face:


Oh I know this feeling too well. The results are beautiful, though! Well worth the effort.

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What was the board material ?
Picking up on PrintToLaser’s comment, I wonder if a first coat spray with the sealer he suggested would work, and be quicker than a brush application ?
Then possibly an all-over coat of the sealer as a last step to eliminate any signs of the first spray that had made it under the masking ?
John :upside_down_face:


I remember my mom using that sort of technique for cutting my bangs. “Wait, now the left side is too long, let me trim that a little…oops, the right side is too long now…” And off I’d finally go, with bangs 'way shorter than I wanted them!

It worked MUCH better on the sign-- it’s beautiful!


What a lovely sign! It came out great, and from my perspective was totally worth all your hard work! :rofl:

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The exterior spray that I used didn’t require a primer. It really seemed like it only hitting the board rather than the engraving. I will try the fast dry clear to seal next time and see if that cures it. (Used to use a clear modpodge when doing stencil paint jobs with vinyl cuts.

@smcgathyfay I have to say, I’ve bought a few designs already from Etsy due to time constraints. I’d like to have more time and make my own … but, would rather have a completed project than a half done one. :slight_smile:

@johnbrooker Hmmm … receipt said Red Oak Hardwood. Think I’ll run some test pieces to try some different techniques. Not that I want to make a lot of signs … but, want the easiest method when I make more.

@geek2nurse Asked my husband to give me a slight trim off my below the shoulder hair two days before our wedding … I had very short hair for the wedding!

@cynd11 It was totally worth it to me … because I was so excited to have a more livable deck space … and had to do something while I waited. Just wouldn’t “enjoy” making more with that method.


Wow! A convoluted process but it turned out beautifully! I love that pale blue color with the white lettering. I’m betting you will get the process down pat and come up with more that take you far less work. Nice job!


Hijack alert:

I think you might be the bravest person I’ve ever met!


ROFL! Oh Lord! What she said! I’d be bald. Love my hubs but he absolutely cannot trim bushes into an even shape to save his soul. They are always lopsided and require emergency repair after he’s done.

No way on this planet I’d let him get near my hair with shears. :smile:


This turned out fantastic!!! Looks very tall! How big is it?

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Have you seen THIS?


I’d also love to know how big it is. Did you use the pass-through?

Either way, it’s beautiful. I love the colors. Now I want to play around with something like that, but first need to find better masking than what I’ve got.


I don’t let him cut hair, trim bushes, paint, or anything that needs a level eye or precision. BUT … he is the most wonderful husband in the world! :slight_smile: