Posca Marker Caddy

This was a double duty project over the holidays. I got a full set of Uni Posca markers (and then some) for another project. The original boxes were not particularly convenient for use or storage. I saw some existing designs that use less acrylic but, I was feeling pretty picky about what I wanted. This design can be used vertically or horizontally and, it’s not at all fiddly to insert or remove pens.

The design uses two full sheets of 12” x 20” acrylic plus a little of a third sheet for the one piece that inevitably didn’t fit. The main body is glued with acrylic cement (Weldon/SciGrip 4). The dividers are snugly pressure-fit (you would be hard-pressed to remove them). I made it to hold 50 pens so there would be some room for collection growth.

One fun lesson from this project: manufacturing tolerances for cast acrylic sheets, even within the same sheet, is enough that it can be a problem if you are trying to make slots to match the thickness.

I made a second one of these and, gave it to an artistic relative with a full set of Posca pens.


Oooh I like this. Well done!


Oh that is slick! I really like that!


This is really beautiful. I love the simplicity and elegance of the design. I don’t have enough desk space to even use one of these and I have SO many paint pens I had to buy a canvas storage bag for them.


Love it! Looks very sleek and classy! And I’m a sucker for acrylic. :slight_smile:


Looks great with your Posca pens.


This looks so nice! I purchased two larger similar storage systems for my Copics before the Glowforge made the scene. Absolutely love this type of storage. So convenient.


Wow, looks really well designed and perfect result




Very nice!


Love this! Is the file available anywhere or do you sell it?

Gentle reminder that it is against forum rules to ask for files. FAQ - Glowforge Owners Forum


Thanks @dklgood I’m assuming you work for glowforge. So what’s the point of posting stuff here if we can’t ask about the files and someone says yes or no if they’re available for purchase.

Thank you for the flattering reaction. If I decide to share or sell the design files, I will definitely post that here and, let you know.

@dklgood is a long-time forum regular and, not a Glowforge employee. There are a variety of reasons someone may not want to share design files and, it can be uncomfortable for some to have to say no publicly. So, our community standard (and forum rules) are to not ask and, leave it up to the designer to offer. Most regular forum contributors will mention this if someone asks.

No one participating here has control of the rules, however. You would have to contact Glowforge directly about that.

In general, the Made on a Glowforge category is a way to share projects for inspiration and, to prompt discussions about design, materials and techniques. It helps us know who in the community is doing what sorts of things and, will be likely to provide guidance when tackling related projects.

Some people do routinely share or sell the designs they produce. Most of the time, those people will have a link in their profile to their online shop, which you can see by clicking on their icon or username. You can also find some designs in the Free Laser Designs section of the forum.


I don’t work for Glowforge, but I shared the rules of the forum with you and in those rules are the reasons that files are not to be requested.


The point of the prohibition is that some folk really don’t like being asked because they feel pressure when people do.
The point of posting when you are not posting files or selling files is to share. Just like show and tell back in the day but better.
You can always check the poster’s profile, if they have an Etsy or other account it is usually listed. There is also the free file section here where there are hundreds of free files

And no, I’m not staff either; just been around forever.


Not taking anything away from the OP, but just make one here MakerCase - Easy Laser Cut Case Design


I did mine in Inkscape but, one of the automatic box makers is a solid choice!

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aren’t these the pens that have been recommended for “coloring/paining” the things people are yanking out of their glowforges? :slight_smile:


I always forget about this site. I even have it bookmarked on my bookmarks bar in Chrome. :rofl: