Posh Spaghetti Portioniser Kitchen Utensil

Inspired by @jbv 's brilliant ‘Pasghetti Measurator’ - I realised I needed something like that to use at home so I came up with my own!

Introducing the ‘Posh Spaghetti Portioniser’ (hoping it’ll catch the eye of one of the Royals here in the UK!)

I like to have a laugh when promoting my creativity and hopefully this fits the bill!

I also made a video for the new Youtube #Shorts facility.


Your YouTube video had me singing That’s Amore by Dean Martin.

Great and fun video!


Haha! Great stuff! Captivating the audience in some way is the goal! Thanks for taking the time to watch and leave a comment!

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I love your presentation style, AND the fact you’re not commercializing the forum, just adding a great dash of humor. :slight_smile:


Indeed thank you! I like to poke some fun at myself - keeps me humble!

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Thanks for sharing and for the chuckle. :slight_smile:
Humor makes life so much easier.


You’re welcome! Thanks for checking it out!

Great practical cut!!


Certainly works a treat! Thank you!

Loved the video! Nice project.

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Thanks so much, means a lot!

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